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Cloud Development

Cloud Development

Our team has been helping clients to digitally transform their business using cloud based web and mobile apps.

Some of our past projects in this area include:


What we do

Cloud Development

Our team has been helping clients to digitally transform their business using cloud based web and mobile apps.

From small startups to large enterprises, our team helps businesses of all sizes to target new markets and digitally transform their companies.

We would love to discuss your challenges and work with you to digitally transform your company. Get in touch and let’s develop the right solution for you.

  • a security website for the Post Office helping them train staff across their 10,000+ branches in the UK.
  • working with Triple IT in Amsterdam where we integrated our video help channel into the Vodafone NL mobile help app.
  • delivering a revolution in the way that ASOS recruited its customer service staff.
  • building a mobile app integrated with an IoT system to ensure that tanks are re-filled just in time.

Web Development


Digica has been developing client-side rich web and mobile responsive applications based on technologies including HTML5, CSS, and Javascript on both MS.Net and PHP platforms. We are very familiar with JavaScript-based web frameworks such as Angular. We are also able to support React JS, having deployed mobile apps using the React Native framework and other technologies such as Java 8, Angular JS, and Bootstrap CSS.

We have web development experience with major companies such as ASOS, Mazda and the Post Office as well as creating charity sites under our corporate social programme.

Mobile App Development

Digica engineers have been developing mobile applications for over 20 years, from the earliest platforms like Symbian, Microsoft, Blackberry, and Brew, right up to current Android and iOS applications and cross-platform solutions such as React Native. We are well-versed in all aspects of application development from concept and UI/UX design through to ongoing support and maintenance. We can meet your needs in a wide range of areas such as:
  • media Player and content streaming

  • dashboards for remote sensors

  • loyalty applications

  • mobile payment applications and banking applications
  • game development & porting
  • mobile ticketing applications

eCommerce Development


Digica has worked with many eCommerce technologies. We’ve built eCommerce applications using Magento PHP, Ucommerce and .Net and even developed bespoke eCommerce platforms for our customers.

We’ve helped to write many success stories, from sparking a retail revolution in the automotive arena to helping create a manufacturer’s most profitable sales channel. At Digica we have the skills and experience to do the same for you too.

How can we help you?

To find out more about Digica, or to discuss how we may be of service to you, please get in touch.