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We design and deliver new routes to market and more

Digica has designed and developed eCommerce solutions that are helping companies digitally transform their businesses. We’ve helped Mazda spearhead a retail revolution, and Triton showers to develop their most profitable online sales channel. We helped a charity to grow its operations while cutting costs through digital transformation that replaced inefficient manual processes. 

We have experience with many eCommerce applications such as Magento, Ucommerce, and others. Below are a few examples of intelligent eCommerce solutions that Digica have been working on to help customers digitally transform their businesses.

Case studies
Transforming Triton

Transforming Triton Showers' online business


What the customer wanted to achieve

Working with the Triton Digital Team, we developed the strategy then scoped and designed a scalable platform to deliver Triton’s vision of an eCommerce platform that would integrate with their legacy systems without causing conflict with their wholesale partners.

How Digica helped the customer

Together with the Triton Digital team, we delivered a business transformation programme that resulted in:

  • Triton’s most profitable sales channel which is now a major profit contributor to the company
  • seamless integration between the Magento eCommerce platform and Triton’s many different legacy systems making it easy to use and administer.
  • achieving higher Google search engine rankings for key search terms than any of its manufacturing peers such as Grohe/Mira despite a very low media spend

Technologies used

Magento 2.x eCommerce

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Transforming Triton 01

Transforming Triton 02

Mazda MyWay

Mazda MyWay - changing the way customers buy cars


What the customer wanted to achieve

Mazda wanted to transform its retail offering in London. They wanted a business transformation solution that would stand out from other car manufacturers, deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction, would be fast to roll out and would be operational within a very short timeframe.

How Digica and LIML helped the customer

Mazda had low brand awareness in London, with no representation for the previous 15 years, so sales were at rock bottom.

  • Mazda brand awareness in London increased significantly following the programme’s inception.
  • Brand positioning/positivity almost doubled.
  • Within 18 months the new approach had achieved a sales level equal to Mazda’s national market share.
  • It delivered 1,500+ test drives across London that resulted in 520+ sales in a territory that Mazda had no representation in for over 15 years.
  • Consistently recorded the highest net promotor and Customer Satisfaction scores across the whole Mazda dealer network.
  • System and processes reviewed in various automotive publications.

Technologies used

Custom PHP based eCommerce platform.

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Mazda MyWay 01

Mazda MyWay 02