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Artificial Intelligence

Reveal the pattern

Our AI can detect and classify objects that lie beyond the visible spectrum, solve problems despite gaps in your data and combine data from separate sources, prevent failures before they can happen.

What we do

Applied Artificial Intelligence

No organisation is short of information these days, but they miss out when they can’t make sense of it all. We can help you get more from your data by supplementing standard analytics processes with machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques and methodologies.

We apply our in-house developed tools, platforms, and techniques together with additional relevant datasets to help our customers extract the hidden patterns in their data.


Digica has the pedigree to offer a wide range of applied artificial Intelligence solutions to our customers thanks to the expertise that Enigma Pattern - formerly a separate company - brings to the partnership.

Enigma Pattern’s considerable knowledge and experience in AI and machine learning was gained on numerous research and development projects for top tier technology companies. Projects in the portfolio range from medical innovations through to object detection using radar.

Now, Digica’s AI wing in Poland continues to build on that legacy with self-guided research into cutting-edge topics. A wealth of industry experience and boundless curiosity give our team the insights they need to tackle your most pressing challenges.

Deep learning gives
computer vision more to see
in these areas

  • Ion-Mobility Spectrometry
  • CAT scans
  • FMCW radars
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Thermal images

What we do

Areas of expertise

We have deep expertise in the field of image processing including Deep Learning for Computer Vision and leading edge commercial implementation of Synthetic Imaging.

Our work also covers the fields of Financial Trading, Audio Analysis and Predictive Maintenance. Read more about:

How can we help you?

To find out more about Digica, or to discuss how we may be of service to you, please get in touch.